vineri, 4 octombrie 2013

Hitman 2 Silent Assassin

Hitman 2 puts you in the role of Agent 47, an assassin for hire, and sends you all over the world performing murders for hire. But things don't start like that. The hitman, codenamed 47, has had a change of heart and repented from his evil ways and is now living in a monastery. Without giving it away, circumstances call him back in to action.
For those of you who are just joining us,
Soon he's in the midst of a dangerous world where he himself is often the most dangerous element. Hired to kill for money, he travels to various locations around the globe performing a series of seemingly unconnected hits that gradually come together to form a larger picture. Along the way, you can take many different approaches to your contracts. As long as the guy you're supposed to kill winds up dead, no one's in a position to complain,more..ign

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