vineri, 4 octombrie 2013

Star Wars Republic Commando

Star Wars: Republic Commando is a tactical first-person shooter video game, set in the Star Wars universe, released in the U.S. on March 1, 2005. It was developed and published by LucasArts for the Microsoft Windows and Xbox platforms. The game uses Epic Games' Unreal Engine.[1] As of April 19, 2007, this game is backwards compatible for the Xbox 360 /PC with a downloadable patch.[2]The game features some gameplay elements that resemble features in other first-person shooters, including Metroid Prime, and Halo. The heads-up display (HUD) in the game resembles the Metroid Prime helmet display and the player sees the world through visor. The usage of health and recharging shields, as well as the general combat gameplay, resemble styles seen in Halo. An unusua..

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